About Me

The question that haunts us all…. “who am I?”

I am a mom, a wife, a student, an employee, a daughter, a sister and a serious pet lover.

Mom – I have two great kids, Aiden and Annaleigh.  They are the best things about my life and can bring me to my boiling point quicker than anyone else in the world 🙂

Wife – Charlie and I got married on Halloween!  ‘Nuff, said – this guy gets me and puts up with me.  He seriously deserves a medal (and possible a mandatory vacation).

Student – I am a certified freak and I LOVE school!  Good thing because I’m now working  on my masters in school counseling.

Employee – yup, that’s me, the “working mom”.  This is a relatively recent development since I graduated with my BA.  I work for peanuts at a great non-profit, my job is great and I feel good when I come home which is what makes it worth it for me. (And I’m not just saying that because my Board or ED might read this :-))

Daughter & Sister – Yup, I was part of a family before I had my own – who would have thunk it!

Serious Pet Lover – I do need to amend this a little bit, I’m only a fan of pets with fur – snakes, frogs, fish etc… really don’t do it for me.  We have a dog, Guinness and 4 cats with varying levels of like-ability: Gaia, Babes, Elliot & Star.


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