A Whole New World…. Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is just not what it used to be!  We went to kindergarten orientation at Aiden’s new school yesterday.  After about 20 minutes just hearing about how to pick your kid up from school, I asked about how busing worked for the kids.  Some parents looked at me like they were expecting a second head to pop out! How could I possibly this of sending my poor little angel on the bus?!?!?! (Not making this up… a woman actually did say that.)


  1. Aiden is no angel 🙂
  2. He doesn’t like to leave me unless it is for something cooler than me – the bus is WAY cooler than me!
  3. Some people work and having him take the bus enables me to not have to get after school care for him.

I then followed all this up by being the annoying parent asking all the questions, but I left feeling better about the things that I had heard around vs. what we went over in orientation.

So I walked out of feeling good.  I had talked to the school counselor about getting some paperwork for his current school to fill out and we were walking to her office to get it.  On the way, she tells me about her conversation with Aiden in the class room.  At first I was like “Yay!  He talked to her!” then I heard this:

“Really?  He’s from the Montessori school?  He told us that he stays home with his dad all day watching TV and playing video games and after that, they fight.”

Oh shit……  So I did my best to clear up what he REALLY does during the day.  Then another woman (I think a kindergarten teacher, not 100% sure though…) comes over to ask me about his siblings, if he has any brothers or sisters.  Apparently, he told them that his sister was Professor Doofenshmritz and his brother was Roger…  Oh yeah, and he was Dr. Doofenshmritz and only wanted to do evil.  Great…

“He has quite an…. imagination” (said with as much disdain as possible) “We had trouble getting an honest answer from him….”

ARGH!!!!!  The worst part is that she has a point.  He does need to know the difference between his stories and being able to tell honest answers, so that will be out summer project (along with learning how to tie his shoes!).

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